Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heaven forbid, you end up alone, you don't know why, hold on tight, and wait for tomorrow you'll be alright...

I shuffled my Itunes and got just this; Heaven Forbid- The Fray.

So, Its 2011 right now. Years since I last posted. I want to start fresh, anew. I'm now entering college this fall, and I want to try my hand at blogging. In the past, it hasn't gone so well

( I re-read all my previous posts.... Gosh, I was annoying.)

So, without looking back at my older posts, I shall begin once again.

(although, I can't find it in me to erase those posts, it was a part of my past, and its precious...just, try not to laugh if some decided to venture in my old days :P )

First order of the day: I bought my Urbanears!! Awesome headphones, Horridly expensive, but worth it. I have the light Blue color, and LOVE it. reminds me of spring rain.

Second order: I had a dream the other day, many symbols: Orion's Belt constellation, soft fireworks, a burning candle, red table cloths, and a boy telling me over and over that the hint was 12.
Apparently, 12 was the first letter of his school...

Third and last order: well, my portfolio's being readied, and once its finished, I might put out some small snippets. although, lots of places strongly emphasize that any sorts of workings put up on the internet is not wanted (scared of copy writing problems maybe?)

well, all Good things come o an end (and make new good things in turn!)

All things are Bright and Beautiful (Just like Adam Young, he's Bright AND beautiful)

I shall surrender to my sleepy eyes, for another day awaits tomorrow!


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