Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heaven forbid, you end up alone, you don't know why, hold on tight, and wait for tomorrow you'll be alright...

I shuffled my Itunes and got just this; Heaven Forbid- The Fray.

So, Its 2011 right now. Years since I last posted. I want to start fresh, anew. I'm now entering college this fall, and I want to try my hand at blogging. In the past, it hasn't gone so well

( I re-read all my previous posts.... Gosh, I was annoying.)

So, without looking back at my older posts, I shall begin once again.

(although, I can't find it in me to erase those posts, it was a part of my past, and its precious...just, try not to laugh if some decided to venture in my old days :P )

First order of the day: I bought my Urbanears!! Awesome headphones, Horridly expensive, but worth it. I have the light Blue color, and LOVE it. reminds me of spring rain.

Second order: I had a dream the other day, many symbols: Orion's Belt constellation, soft fireworks, a burning candle, red table cloths, and a boy telling me over and over that the hint was 12.
Apparently, 12 was the first letter of his school...

Third and last order: well, my portfolio's being readied, and once its finished, I might put out some small snippets. although, lots of places strongly emphasize that any sorts of workings put up on the internet is not wanted (scared of copy writing problems maybe?)

well, all Good things come o an end (and make new good things in turn!)

All things are Bright and Beautiful (Just like Adam Young, he's Bright AND beautiful)

I shall surrender to my sleepy eyes, for another day awaits tomorrow!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Every rain makes its way into somebody's song, As A way to releive the pain, This one is calling me out of my shelter, to face the truth...

Hiya :P

That song was Still Love by holly Brook, and she is amazing :)

Anyways, I was reading over my old blog posts from last year (not that long ago but still) and realized that I,ve really changed. I mean, even the fact that I've just turned 16 makes me realize how immature I was. I now realize I don't need to be like that anymore, and basically, go through life having fun (of course, without being stupid)
and I don't find fun stupid, I love doing random things no one else would do, I just would do it my way, and maturely.

...who am I kidding. me ad mature do NOT belong together :)

well, my great Epiphany that turned out no so great is still great :P

see ya:P


High rise, veins of the avenue, Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue, Everywhere is balanced there, Like a rainbow above you...


well, that was lyrics to an AMAZING new singer I found called OWL CITY. He is absolutely amazing! it's like a Indie Pop-Rock and Techno mixed together. I just love his songs. my favorite one though would be The Saltwater room. The lyrics posted up top are from his song called 'Rainbow Veins'

Anyways, Exams are done, FINALLY, I think everyone is glad with that. I get four more days off, then I start again 9That includes the weekend)
Right now I' plain bored, and a bit miffed. My moms really pushing me to get a job, and I think that's great cause I really need one BADLY, but she seems to forget I have this stupid childish phobia of people. No matter what I do, I get super shy, even on the internet and the phone.

so right now I got an angry mom on my hands, a subconscious mind that hates me right now, and frozen fingers because the heater in this freaking house is not WORKING.

So, in times like this, Music is the cure. Owl City just calms me down.
And I'm going to stop now because this is all really random and pointless.

see ya :P


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He wears his heart safety-pinned to his backpack, his backpack is all that he knows...


First post of 2009! I know I really haven't been on, but it's as if nothing in my life wants to become interesting. I mean, everything just went back to normal, routinely, boredom.

I wish I could answer all my questions myself on how to make my life more exciting, but I can't. Until Then, I will give myself in to Music.

I decided to change my liking for music, and I found these great new awesome bands. I strongly recommend Lights, Death Cab for Cutie and One Republic, for now, and maybe I'll find more later. remember, If you have any really good bands you want to share, comment and I'll post about it. Tell me you're favorite songs and let's see what other people think.

wow, I hope 2009 will be a turning point for me. I mean, next year is may last year at school, last summer was my last FREE summer (I gotta get a job) and it seems all my childhood imagination is gone. to top it all off, I'm the most normal est teenager on the face of this earth, and I hate it.

Well, gotta go, my times up


Monday, November 17, 2008

Cause if you jump I'll jump too, we will fall together...

Hiya!! That was Skyway Avenue by we The kings,

A really good band I found (similar to Boys Like Girls and All Time Low kinda music) and yeah I think they're great, although I think a lot of songs and bands are great! (MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!! apart from books and writing)

But yeah I'm changing my blog soon, it's not gonna be MR themed anymore, it's gonna be more general, and I need a theme, but I don't know it yet. It might be music, because thats somethign I love talking about. but if anyone who has better ideas, please tell me!

See ya!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

LEt me see you make decisions...without your televisions...

I LOVE SHINY TOY GUNS!! awesome band Much!!

So intensely awesome news!!!!

...OMG I just forgot. Just a sec...

Major Brain fart...

Shoot I totally forgot!!
Well, um, hello, and uh...yeah, hope your first days of school went okay...mine went crappy, but now its better (I missed half of it cause I went to my grampa's funeral (moment of silence for him, he was an awesome person), Someone took my locker, and I was sick yesterday for half a day) Really crappy beginning of the year, but I have a good feeling about this year...which sounds completely crazy but whatever.
anyways, I read new books, and you gotta try them!!! Not as awesome as MR, but god in their own way!!

Night World
Tales of Beauty and Cruelty (horribly sad stories!)
Breaking dawn (DUH!!)

I totally remembered what I wanted to say!!!!


I mean, Trace took his sweater off and threw it to the crowd!!!! and his shirt!! and it was SO COOL!

but yeah, it was great and I just about lost my voice that night!

well, WOOT WOOT to all, and sweet dream!!


We all Fall down......

Okay, I just have to say I LOVE One Republic now!!!!!!!!!!!! New fave song is ALL FALL DOWN!! I'm so using it for a song project!!

Okay, so you know last post I was talking about my BFF's soon-to-be Boyfriend? Well yeah, scratch the soon to be. It's really cute, I mean I'm happy for them, but sometimes I get down seeing as I don't have someone like that in my life.

But, I still have MR!!! No Matter what, It's still my favorite book of all times. I will SO never tire of Maximum Ride!!

Also, I have officially counted myself as one of the most obsessive fans (slightly ashamed of that though, cuz I don't like being a stalker-type person) because exactly on my b-day (November 15th) there will be 124 days before MR5. I mean, I had to start there cause the teacher was kinda glaring at me when I was writing it down in my agenda.

Soz, yes, now I'm officially obsessed, and will eventually not be ashamed. but that's another day.

Soz, new life at school, new music, new attitude...I think I'm gonna like this year...

*Sigh* all because of Maximum Ride...